Tuesday, June 23, 2015

science fiction or scientific reality?

What do Google, Apple, Samsung, SpaceX, Sony, Honda, and Tesla have in common?

At first, any of us would easily identify few of these brands as multi-billion-dollar-companies, but it is not just the money that brings these brands together. These brands are pioneers in progressive technology and represent the twenty-first-century world of scientific economy. I call it scientific economy because these companies do not simply employ advanced science in their processes to boost their balance sheets, like replacing a dirty-expensive source of power with a cheap-cleaner source or replacing an old manual system by one that is advanced and automated, but they evolve science as part of what they do, they create science as a product, they are in the business of innovation of systems. Their domain is technological innovation.

Unlike those that employ scientific progress to enhance their processes that produce conventional products (Lego employs the latest software and hardware to produce the same plastic building blocks), these companies innovate progressive technology as products that ordinary people around the world adopt in everyday life. They are lifting humanity to a different level not through the marketing illusion that portrays ordinary products as necessary, but through technological advancements that make life better.

And the future is promising...

Autonomous vehicles, global internet beamed from space, wearable technology, the internet of things and intelligent residences, colonizing planets, artificial intelligence and humanoids, and cleaner, cheaper advanced power sources and power storages, are only some of what these companies will offer in the very near future... these brands stand for a better life on Earth and beyond, for a better future. They simply stand for the future.

I am not trying to promote the brands here. I am not trying to promote their products either. I am not a follower of most, nor I use all their products. I am turning your attention to one point: technological innovation is the bottom line in the twenty first century. If you want a better future, don't just consume products and services, but ask your children to participate in creating them. Encourage your children on being creative, innovative, imaginative and unordinary. Encourage them to imagine a solution. Encourage them to imagine something different.

Now more than any time before, science fiction is not fiction anymore. Lines are blurry and what seemed impossible is happening. Do not stick to what you know, push your ideas over the edge and force them to fly. Now more than ever, dreaming makes business sense.

by Nael Gharzeddine

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